About us

Dohe LLC is a family owned online department store. We sell various products including android and iPhone compatible Smartwatches, Cell phone cases, Cell Phone Screen Protectors, Headset and Earphones, high quality Wood Sunglasses, Car MP3 kits and many more. We regularly update our catalog and add new products. 

Our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority, that is why we have guaranteed same day shipping and 3 - 5 business days delivery for most locations in the United States. Check our Shipping info page for more information. 

To make sure the quality of our products, we take sample of each product we sell and test the quality before we offer at our site. 

We fully refund for products that have defects upon receipt and returned with the original package. We initiate refund or replacement after we receive the original item. 

We don't provide refund for products that don't have damage upon receipt and are not returned within 5 days after receiving the merchant. If a product is damaged or not working please contact us right away.